Hatred In My Heart

Out on: BOH Records


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3rd Single from the upcoming album “A Trillion Lights, Tome II”
Available on iTunes and Bandcamp


I am catastrophe personified
I know because I help create the fight
Confused by what’s a dream and waking life
I am the only me I’ll never knowI know the tragedy I need to feel
Alive and so ill
Here lies a part of me that never heals
Now I’m the only me I’ll never showI wasted every little thing I live for
I choked when everything I love derailed
Now I know all I ever really wanted
Was to lose this hatred in my heartI know the atrophy of my belief has taken hold
Over and over
I feel anxiety will never leave me time to breathe
Not ’til it’s over
I know it’s my fault


released August 3, 2014
Dominic Cifarelli: Vocals & Guitar
Danny Shamoun: Keys & Ney (Flute)Recorded, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Chad Shlosser @ Area 7 Studios Marina del Rey, CA.Co-Produced by Dominic CifarelliArtwork by Kayo Yasuda


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