Life I Know

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First Official Single from the upcoming full length album “A Trillion Lights”
Available on iTunes and Bandcamp


This is the life I know
But I can’t seem to relate
In the end, I try to laugh it off
And hope it all goes awayHate
This hatred berates
Hatred berates my lifeI sail from the mind
To the outside world
I weave through time and space
To go where I want to go alone
I want to lose all touch
With this realityTime to play on your emotionsSometimes I hate everything I see
But I know, this life, just can’t last foreverIt’s so damned nice to know
That I can’t leave willingly
A life I never chose to lead
A life I never chose to beBleeding in your head relieving conscious needing
Suffocate the beating heart deceiving nauseas seething
Heaving yearning nothing but to seek relief in taken lifeTime to play on your emotions
When all you have has gone awayit just can’t last


released March 21, 2014
Dominic Cifarelli: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Justin Piedimonte: Drums
Andrew Wieczoreck: Piano, Keyboards, Backing VocalsBekki Friesen: Additional Backing VocalsProduced by Chad Shlosser & Dominic Cifarelli
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Chad Shlosser @ Area 7 Studios, Marina del Rey, CA.
Vocals Produced & Recorded by Bekki Friesen, Hollywood, CA.
Andrew’s Vocals, Keys & Piano Recorded by Joe Pacheco @ Innerlight Spectrum Studios, Laval, QC.
Drums Recorded by Paul Pivetta @ Phonika, Mtl, QC.Artwork by Kayo YasudaExecutive Producer: Joe ArcuriP & C 2014 Bridge Of Hands Records Inc. All Rights Reserved


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