Violet Empress (Last Love)

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The 2nd Single from the New Full Length Album “A Trillion Lights, Tome II”
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I saw too much, and I wish that I was told
A beast was born with an endless scorn
The way she moves she’s got that haunting stride
She’ll stop your heart, so she could watch you dieIt was her eyes
All I ever wanted
It was a lie
That destroyed a promise
These were the last words
She said to meI’ll kill your fucking heart
I’m gonna bleed it ’til the last drop
I’ll cut your tongue to end your last words
I promise
I’ll be the last love you ever knowYou’re bleeding under cover
Rest your mind, rest your mindI saw too much, and I wish that I was told
You just can’t ignore the pain the memories hold
I carved it on my bones so I’d never forget
This goddamned mess she left inside my head

You know it’s not right
The way that she deceives
It’s not right, another day with no relief
So I pray, for violence

What controls your life?

Music & Lyrics by Dominic Cifarelli
Additional Lyrics by Andrew Wieczorek


released June 21, 2014
Dominic Cifarelli: Lead & Backing Vox, Guitars, Bass
Justin Piedimonte: Drums
Andrew Wieczorek: Backing & Lead Vox, Keys & PianoRecorded, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Chad Shlosser @ Area7 Studios, Marina del Rey, CaliforniaCo-Produced by Dominic CifarelliVocals Produced & Recorded by Bekki Friesen in Hollywood, California.Drums Recorded by Paul Pivetta @ Phonika Studios, Pierrefonds, QC.

Andrew’s Vocals & Keys Recorded by Joe Pacheco @ Innerlight Spectrum Studios, Laval, QC.

Gang Vocals by Special Guests: Dax Czernatowicz, Faiz Khan, Jason Rockman, Eric Savanis, Joseph Francis Espinosa, Justin Piedimonte, Nicholas Moussis – Recorded by Joe Pacheco.

Artwork by Kayo Yasuda

Executive Producer: Joe Arcuri

P & C 2014 BOH Records Inc. All Rights Reserved.



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